Thursday, 11 November 2010

NEWS RELEASE Catholics Launch New Crusade

 A new Catholic organization has formed with some very ambitious goals. The group is called THE BROWN SCAPULAR BRIGADE. Its proclaimed mission: to revive an ancient practice that brings with it as near a guarantee of Heaven as can be had.

       Until recently, all Catholic children used to receive a Brown Scapular when they made their First Communion. Many Catholics used to wear the Brown Scapular throughout their lives. Some still do, but the practice is no longer universal. The Brown Scapular Brigade wants to change that.

       The Scapular is two small pieces of brown wool, about an inch square, joined by a thin ribbon, and worn over the shoulders (scapula is Latin for “shoulder”). It is a short form of the Carmelite mantle. The Carmelites are a religious order that came west from the Holy Land during persecutions in the Middle Ages.

       The Blessed Mother appeared to a Carmelite, St. Simon Stock, and gave him the Scapular with the following words: “Accept this Scapular. It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger and a pledge of peace. Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire.”

       Catholics have long believed that wearing the Scapular, along with striving to lead a good life, will save them from hell. The Blessed Mother has guaranteed it. The Brown Scapular Brigade wants to remind Catholics of this aid to grace and salvation.

       The Brigade's aims include: 1. Getting priests to enroll all First Communicants in the Brown Scapular. 2. Distributing thousands of booklets explaining this devotion and the miracles attributed to it. 3. Get as many as possible — Catholics and non-Catholics — to wear the Scapular. 4. To start Scapular-making centers. 5. To use media — print, broadcast, Internet — to educate everyone about the promises attached to the Scapular.

       Those who wish to join the Brown Scapular Brigade, call or contact:

       Those who want a Brown Scapular and booklet, call or contact:

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