Sunday, 13 April 2014

A meditation on Palm Sunday by Richard S. Clarke S.J.



The Procession of Palms. St. Luke xix. 29—38.

When our Lord approached Jerusalem, a great multitude went out to meet and welcome Him. Some spread their garments in the way, others strewed branches on the ground, and the children cried, " Hosanna to the Son of David." Among them rode our Lord, seated on an ass, meek and humble of heart, with mingled sentiments of joy and sorrow.

1. The entry into Jerusalem was the occasion on which the multitudes openly recognized Christ as their King, as coming with authority from God Himself. The palm branches were their testimony that He had triumphed over His enemies ; the garments strewn in the way was their declaration of submission to Him ; and the cry of Hosanna was the prayer that God might prosper Him in His Mission. Rejoice in this recognition of His Divine authority, of His triumph over His enemies, of your subjection to Him, and to others for His sake ; and pray that His Kingdom may be spread over the earth more and more.

2. In the midst of all this pageant rode Jesus, meek and humble, mounted on an ass. Those plaudits of the multitude, how little they affected Him ; yet He rejoiced in their loyalty, and in their good-will. Pray that in the midst of applause you may be meek, as He was.

3. Mingled with His joy was a bitter sorrow at the knowledge that in a few days, the fickle crowd would shout: " Crucify Him !" He anticipated the scene close at hand, when those He loved would reject Him and desire His death. Learn of Him to see the worthlessness of popularity, and be willing to bear reproach with Him.

From - The Ministry of Jesus, meditations for six months