Thursday, 6 August 2015

Purgatory, By The Rev. M. Canty, P.P., Part 29.


II. Neither is Purgatory instituted for those who unhappily die in mortal sin.

1. The first argument we shall bring forward in proof of this is found in that expression in universal use: " Out of hell there is no redemption." This phrase has been always and everywhere in the Church regarded as a truism. Then if there is no redemption out of hell, they who, dying in mortal sin, go there, do not suffer temporal punishment; and, on this ac count, for them there is no Purgatory.
2. The mind and faith of the Church in every age and country are, that the pains of the reprobate are eternal. For this reason, she makes no commemoration of them in her Offices ; and we can neither pray, nor offer sacrifice for their repose. St. Augustine condemns Origen for having taught that the pains of the damned were temporal or purgatorial, and gives us the true mind or sense of the Church in the matter. The holy Doctor (Lib, 21 de Civitate Dei.) says; "In this affair, Origen was certainly rather merciful, who believed that both the devil himself and his angels, after very heavy and long punishments, according to their deserts, are to be brought forth from those torments and to be associated with the holy angels."