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Costume Of Prelates Of the Catholic Church according to Roman Etiquette. By The Rev. John A. Nainfa S.S. Part 5.




Regular Prelates.

In Canon Law, the title of "Regular Prelate?" is given to a religious superior having over his subjects a quasi-episcopal jurisdiction. (a)

Here, we take the title as that of a Prelate (in the broad, liturgical sense of this word) belonging to a Religious Order; and this practically includes only Cardinals, Bishops and Abbots.

The Cardinals and Bishops who are taken from a Religious Order still remain substantially bound by their religious vows, as far as these are not in opposition to their duties and dignity as Prelates. (b)

According to Common Law, they should continue to wear the habit of their Order. However, the custom of using the same form as that of the secular Prelates' costume is tolerated. The color of the prelatical dress is the same as that of the religious habit, unless otherwise determined by the traditions of the Order (as, for instance, the Franciscans), or by special concessions of the Holy See. (c)

The different costumes of Prelates taken from Religious Orders have been regulated as follows:

Clerics Regular, i.e. those who have adopted the new type of religious life inaugurated in the sixteenth century, as Theatines, Barnabites, Jesuits, Oratorians, Passionists, Redemptorists, Paulists, etc., when appointed Cardinals or Bishops, adopt the costume of secular Prelates, (d) because they are looked upon as such; with this restriction, however, that they have no right to make use of silk, except for the trimmings and accessories of their costume. (e)

Hermit of St. Augustine
Cardinals and Bishops belonging to the Orders of St. Basil, of Vallombrosa, and of the Regular Canons and Hermits of St. Augustine (Augustinians) wear an entirely black costume. (f)

The prelatical dress of the Benedictines is black with red lining and trimmings. The cloak (ferraiolo), however, should be entirely black. (g)

The monks of St. Sylvester, when promoted to Prelacy, dress in a beautiful blue costume.

The Gamaldules, the Premonstratensians, the members of the Orders of Our Lady of Mercy and of the Holy Trinity, and the Olivetans, wear a prelatical costume entirely white. The Cistercians, and the Reformed Cistercians (Trappists), wear cassock, simar, cincture, collaro and stockings made of white material; but the mozzetta, mantelletta and cloak (ferraiolo) are black. The cappa magna is also black, with a cape of ermine in winter and of white silk in summer. The color of the trimmings conforms to that of the different portions of the costume. (h)

The Prelates belonging to the Order of St. Dominic dress in the same colors as the Cistercians, but the trimmings, lining and buttons are all white, even for the black portions of the costume.

Franciscans, when promoted to Prelacy, lay aside the brown, or black material of their habit, and vest in a dress of ash-colored gray (a color which contemporary paintings ascribe to the habit worn by St. Francis). The cappa magna of these Prelates is of the same color, and is furred, in winter, with vicunia's skin.

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