Friday, 19 February 2016

Jesus Christ the king of our hearts: elevations on the most Sacred Heart of Jesus Part 32.

By VERY REV. ALEXIS M. LEPICIER, O.S.M. Consultor of the Sacred Consistorial Congregation, etc.

SWEET and consoling indeed it is to speak of Jesus. In contemplating this loving King of our hearts, crowned by His Heavenly Father with glory and honor, our eyes enjoy a celestial vision. And now the lips of this our Sovereign open with a pressing invitation accompanied by solemn and magnificent promises. These promises are made by One who is our King by nature and by right of conquest, by One to whom all creation is subject, to whom the powers and dominations bow. O marvelous condescension! This glorious King invites us to march under His banner, to serve Him with all our powers and to fol low Him with all the affections of our hearts. O Jesus, O sweet Redeemer, we wish to respond generously to Thy appeal. Henceforth we will acknowledge and proclaim Thee as our supreme King and Sovereign. Reign over us, over our hearts, our households, our country, over all society. This we wish, and this we beseech of Thee. This is our choice and our most ardent prayer. Henceforth our one thought will be to serve and to please Thee till our last breath. Neither the shrinking of the senses nor the weakness of our corrupt nature nor even our enemies' swords will make us change our purpose. And to begin here and now, behold, O Lord, at Thy feet, our own persons and all our goods. We put ourselves at Thy service, we consecrate ourselves to Thee, that Thou mayest exercise over us absolute and perpetual dominion. Thus we cherish the firm hope that a day will come when, together with the angel host, we shall, in paradise, salute Thee the King of our hearts to enjoy Thy sweet presence for all eternity. Amen.